Nutrition - Meal Menus


    Attention all parents/guardians: ALL students receive free meals for the 2021-22 school year. 

    All HACCP and COVID regulations are followed during food preparation and serving. Production records with temperatures are kept onsite. All special needs are accommodated and clearly marked for that student when requested. Flyers will be posted on the District Website notifying parents that meals are at no cost this year, we will begin sending out phone blast and blackboard messages informing the parents in late August.

    Payments for school meals are now available online. Just click the link titled payment portal to access the website. Thank you!

    This year all schools in New Jersey are committed to a nutritional program that:

    • Provides students with healthy foods;
    • Encourages the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and whole grains;
    • Supports healthy eating through nutrition education;
    • Encourages students to select and consume all components of the school meal;

    For these reasons, the following items may not be served, sold or given out anywhere on school property:

    • Foods of minimal nutritional value as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These foods include soda, water ices not containing fruit or fruit juices, all forms of candy and all food or beverage listing sugar in any form, as the first ingredient .

    Please note that this ruling states that all special school celebrations and curriculum related activities shall also meet nutritional food and beverage standards . We are therefore asking parents to observe these standards not only during special events (birthday, holidays, etc.) but to also consider following them in preparation of school lunches and snacks.

    We hope that you understand that these rules have been developed to educate and protect your child so that they will pursue a healthy future lifestyle.

    Thank you for your cooperation.